Zoran Sarabaca joins David Barnett on his Small Business and Deal Making Podcast

Zoran Sarabaca from Xcllusive Business Sales recently had the pleasure of joining David Barnett on his Small Business and Deal Making Podcast discussing what can be done to make the business of selling businesses better and the fact that Every Business is sellable.

Check out the video here:

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How do Xcllusive Business Sales give you certainty in your business sale?

You are offered THREE guarantees designed to get you the best results:

  1. You will find your buyer 120 in days or you can halve our commission*
  2. If you aren’t completely happy within 30 days of signing up, you get your money back PLUS 10%
  3. You are completely free to exit the sales agreement with 7 days notice at any time

Your business broker is dedicated to sales- which means WAY more focus on you and your business

The common setup for any business broker agency is that each business broker is in charge of finding their own businesses, signing them up, managing the marketing, etc, leaving only about 30% of their time actually selling your business. Xcllusive does not work this way. We have separate people working on each part of the sales process which means that your agent can spend 100% of their time doing what they do best; deal-making for you.

Your business is advertised in a LOT of places (without compromising your confidentiality)

‘Going on the market’ with Xcllusive means being advertised on Australia’s best business for sale websites, direct marketing to our registered list of over 19,000+ buyers, video advertising, direct mailing campaigns, cold calling campaigns- whatever it takes to sell your business. 

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