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About Xcllusive Business Sales

About Xcllusive Business Sales

Arlene Guerrero

Arlene C. Guerrero’s background stemmed from accounting/bookkeeping for over 20+ years and the utilization of software applications. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, Master of Science in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and received a Course Director’s Award in Entrepreneurial Finance. Arlene was a former business owner of a local transportation business serving military installations. In addition to her education, she accumulated numerous classes of continued business education, acquired certifications and training in business-related courses.

Subsequently, she consulted small business owners about selling their business. In addition to the consultation, Arlene performed several broker’s opinion valuation, due diligence assessments, from facilitating to closing the sale of a business.

She served as an Advisory Board Chairperson with the Academy Creative Media at James Campbell High School. Arlene enjoys canoe paddling, hiking, and strength & conditioning.

A letter from the principal.

In 2003 I decided to sell my maintenance business. I had seven employees, was turning over good money and the profits were great, so I didn’t think it would be particularly difficult to find a buyer for it. Having never sold a business before, I contacted and arranged a number of appointments with several brokers, and after choosing a broker that I felt would do a good job for me, got back to work, leaving the selling to the broker.

Three months later, after only a handful of enquiries, no offers and no hope for any offers to come in the future I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of response. I couldn’t understand why a good business like my own would have any problems selling.

Having extensive experience in sales, and having marketed my business from the ground up, the decision was made to sell the business myself. Besides, who would know more about my business than I?

I started by establishing what it was that buyers would want to know about my business and where to find those buyers. I bought a dozen business sales books, talked to as many people as I could and within no time I’d developed a sales and marketing approach designed specifically to sell my business. Back on the market it went.

Four Weeks and 30 enquiries later, I had four offers on the table. Four weeks after that, I sold my business for the exact price that I’d wanted. This got me to thinking. What did I do, that the other brokers hadn’t? The answer was this. I structured the Presentation of the business in such as way so that buyers could understand my business and the risks associated. This gave them enough information to make an informed purchasing decision without the fear of losing the shirt off their back. I focussed the marketing campaign, not only on potential interested parties, but also on other business owners who could potentially grow their business by purchasing my own. By using commonsense and a tailored approach, I was able to get the results that I’d wanted, within the time that I’d wanted.

Realising that I was onto something new and unique, I started my own business broking agency; And so, Xcllusive was born…

Seven years on, our approach honed and improved, the success stories of our clients keep rolling in. This is because each member of the Xcllusive team hold true to maintaining a Personal and Tailored Approach. For every business we sell, we learn all we can about it, devise an appropriate marketing strategy, and sell it with the same drive and passion as we would, were it our own. That’s what makes us a business broker agency unlike any other.

It’s what WE DO, and others DON’T that sets us apart.

– Zoran Sarabaca

“It is paramount to us to treat every customer, buyer or seller, in such a memorable way that when the transaction is completed they go and tell somebody else how GREAT it was!”

By engaging our services, you will be engaging a major customer-focused business agency, able to achieve exceptional results for you and your business through a professional, Dedicated, Focussed and enjoyable process.

To achieve this for you we will:

  • Attract and sustain the best People passionately devoted to Customers, our Team, Vision and Mission of Xcllusive.
  • Devote all of our resources and skills to finding the best-suited buyer for the sale of every business Xcllusive is engaged in.
  • Develop an excellent Understanding of every business we engage so that we can add the Best Value to both the buyers and the sellers during the processes of; preparation, marketing, introductions, presentation, due diligence, and negotiations as well as the legal processes through to the handover of the business.
  • Understand the emotional state and Feelings of all clients involved in transactions and lead them through the process, helping them to make their own informed decisions about their future.
  • Maintain high Professional and Ethical standards at all times, remembering that Xcllusive exist to provide a solution and serve it’s clients.
  • Invest time and resources in constantly Training and Educating team members so that the Xcllusive team can provide constant and high level of professional and customer service.
  • Respect our clients wishes and be available to help them whenever they need us.
  • Improve all systems through constant assessment and, most importantly, have Fun.