From The Vault: Back in 2010, Dr Greg Chapman, Director of Empower Business Solutions spoke to Zoran Sarabaca about how to sell a business. The result of that interview is a series in-depth, common sense pieces of advice that EVERY business owner should know.

The vodcast covers everything from what buyers are looking for, to how to calculate goodwill, to marketing approaches, to what you should be doing 12 months in advance of selling. A full list of topics can be found at the bottom of this page by clicking here.

Part one is packed with awesome tips and advice for business owners and sellers and if you’re really keen there’s a link at the end and below the vodcast to Part 2 where the advice and tips continue.

Watch the video bellow for Part 1. At the end of the video you can click the link for Part 2.

Interview conducted by Dr. Greg Chapman (MBA)
Suite 22 / 738 Burke Rd,
Camberwell, Victoria 3124

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– By Zoran Sarabaca
Principal of Xcllusive Business Sales
Sell your business with Certainty

Topics Covered In Vodcast Part 1:

  • What are buyers actually looking for in a business?
  • How do you price a business?
  • How is goodwill calculated?
  • What types of businesses get the best price?
  • What should you do to plan for you sale?
  • How do you sell a business that is dependent on the owner?
  • Planning 12 months in advance of selling?
  • How do you avoid a business on the market going ‘stale’?
  • How to market a business for sale. (Passive Vs Active)
  • The top 3 things to prepare before you sell.

Topics Covered in Vodast Part 2:

  • What problems occur during due diligence that can kill the sale?
  • How to manage the business handover?
  • Examples of past good business sales.
  • What are the costs involved in selling a business?
  • What is the 1st step to selling your business?
  • How do you tell the difference good and bad business sale advice?
  • Suggested resources for business sellers.
  • Where to go for more advice.