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Summer 2011-2012
How rising unemployment may affect the business sales market and the saleability of your business

Three months ago I was at my local hotel and noticed a new member of the bar staff. He looked out of place amongst the others behind the bar so I struck up a conversation. Turns out, he used to be a financial analyst with one of Australia’s biggest financial institutions. These are strange times we live in.

With many major corporations and financial institutions announcing mass layoffs over the past few weeks, a new wave of negativity has been injected into the market. Despite this, recent survey results have actually showed an increase in both a buyer’s likelihood of buying a business (6.9% +) and positivity towards buying a business today (3.1% +)…

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Spring 2011
Is there really a ‘best time’ to sell your business?

Just how important is timing when selling your business? To answer this question we take a look at the relationship between timing and performance and assess how these factors can affect your eventual selling price.

For most sellers, regardless of their reasons for selling, the goal of a business sale is to get the best price possible for their hard work. One of the most crucial elements in determining a price is the business’s current and most recent performance. It is therefore of the utmost importance to take a rational and measured approach to using this information to not only establish a price for which the business will most likely sell, but also…

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Winter 2011
Bridging the price gap between buyers and sellers: Read this before dropping your price

In times of economic uncertainty as we’re seeing today, the distance between a buyer’s and seller’s desired business price becomes increasingly difficult to reconcile. What follows is one of the more creative solutions to this problem.

First we must define the variable that we can adjust to provide a solution. A business buyer wants a price that both adequately justifies the risks involved with a business, and a price that outweighs the returns of an alternative purchase elsewhere. A business seller needs a price that both satisfies their reasons for selling, and outweighs the alternative of continued ownership…

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Autumn 2011
Pricing Your Business: Why leaving room for negotiation can leave you out of pocket.

As a broker I deal with this issue every day. I’ve seen it with every business type and size, so when I say this, you can know that I’m speaking only from experience: If you don’t price your business correctly it won’t sell.

Allow me to illustrate. You’re selling your business. Broker A performs a thorough valuation and values your business at $315,000. Broker B doesn’t perform a valuation and tells you they can sell it for $430,000. You look at these figures, and you remember all the hard work, money, time and effort you’ve put in and you think to yourself, “The buyers will probably talk me down anyway, but…

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